September’s top-rated React videos in 2021

Check out this September’s most sought-after videos with many tips and tricks on how to become a pro in React. Get an insight into testing, visualizations, and writing videos with Remotion.

How To Test Your React App (unit / functional testing and CI pipeline tutorial)  | Nikolay Advolodkin

Many developers still struggle with testing their applications, when to test, and all in all how to put this into an uninterrupted integration pipeline.

Learn how you can bridge the gap between these problems by using the perfect combination of the right tools.

Visualizations with React & D3 | Allie Wilsone

Find out how to blend React and D3.js in order to create remarkable visualizations, and how to utilize flexibility and low-cost D3 options while building an application. Don’t settle for a more expensive option!

Writing Videos With Remotion | Sebastian Kurpiel

Remotion makes it possible to leverage web development skills to create videos while using React and CSS. Sebastian shows you how he manages to create an introductory video and how you can automate the editing process.

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