Popular React Talks From Last Month

React is one of the most popular frameworks used in web development currently. That’s why we thought it would be interesting for you to see the best 7 meetups from last month. Take a deep dive into profiling, building, accessibility, data fetching and design from experts all over the world.

Profiling React Apps like a Pro | Gil Fink

As front-end developers, we strive to build fast and fluid web apps. But how can you profile your React app and find performance problems? In this practical session, we will deep dive into a profiling session to understand how to use your DevTools to solve performance issues.

Build it Beautiful with React | Netta Bondy

You know beautiful code. You know it when you see it. Writing it is a whole other issue. Are there guidelines we can set to make our React code beautiful? Netta is a Senior Front-End developer at Twang, the co-founder of Baot – Israel’s largest community of women in R&D, and a lover of all things JavaScript.

Accessibility in React | Ran Bar Zik

Accessibility is not a charity, and it is an important feature to implement in our application. In this session, we will talk about accessibility. What automated tools are we using in popular testing libraries (both unit and e2e) to test react components? How can we mitigate a11y issues, and why should we do that? What is a11y and how it works , a11y unit testing tools, E2E testing tools, a11y with a storybook.

Kiss my App! How to keep it simple and avoid BDD with React | Nir Kaufman

Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you need to use it! React is simple and focused at its core, but once you dive into the ecosystem you might end up with a stack that makes your system over complex, and hard to maintain. In this session, we will revisit the KISS principles in practice, and learn how we can avoid Buzz Driven Development (BDD).

Powering the Front-end with React, GraphQL and Relay | Martin Artola

Nowadays, fetching and managing data has become the critical pathway of many apps, whether you’re trying to simplify and speed up development or looking for the best user experience. Technologies like React, GraphQL and Relay play a tremendous role in shifting not only the way we build apps but also how we write code. If you’re new to this ecosystem, don’t panic! Martin will share with you some tips and walk through some hands-on examples to show you how easy it is to get started and open a world of possibilities.

Simple Data Fetching with React Query | Daniel Mocan

Data fetching is one of the most common tasks for frontend applications, but it often ends up requiring a lot of code to handle different scenarios. React Query can simplify some of these tasks and even add some extra cool features. Daniel will show you some of the most common use cases, with code examples so you can decide if it is the right tool for you.

Designing High Performance Applications | Sendil Kumar

In his talk, Sendil talks about why web performance matters. Understanding Core Web Vitals, Rendering and making use case decisions.

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