First-rate React Tech Talks in June

We’ve brought you 8 meetups from last month to freshen up your knowledge in React a little. Bury yourself in these tech talks and learn about the most recent updates and methods in React from experts all over the world.

The Worlds Most Expensive React Component | Michael Chan

We need to stop building expensive React components — components that promise the world but are impossible to maintain. Watch this video for a more productive way of working in React.

The Stack of the Future | Kent C. Dodds

When a brilliant idea strikes, you want to hit the ground running and focus on building out your idea. Unfortunately, for any ambitious project, it takes a significant amount of time configuring the tools you’ll ultimately need to make your idea a reality. Far too often we either under prepare and our MVP-shortcuts end up being a pain in the neck for the next few years if we’re successful, or we spend so much time in the setup process that we lose all motivation. In this talk, Kent shows you how Remix can help you get started with a solid foundation so you can focus on building out your ideas.

Temporal: React for the Backend | Shawn Wang

React helped lead a revolution in frontend frameworks toward reusable, predictable components. However the backend is still a wild hairball of microservices and serverless components. What would React-ifying the backend look like?

Animation Made Easy | Will Johnson

Have you hesitated to add animations to React apps because of complexity? Tired of trying to figure out the perfect keyframes, easing, and timing? You can use Framer Motion to add smooth and performant animations with simple and declarative syntax all without being an animation expert. After this talk, you will have the superpower to bring your static sites to life.

Democratizing Live Video| Ashley Huynh

Video is now a cornerstone for information and communication. At the heart of video interaction is the ability to live stream video, which allows for real-time, dynamic experiences that have allowed anyone to be anywhere at any time. The magic of live video touches us in many ways, whether we’re entering our 8th Zoom meeting of the day or watching our favorite content creators play cozy games on Twitch. Creating apps with video, however, can feel like a daunting subject for many. Quality video apps involve a lot of considerations like encoding and cross-device compatibility. Adding a live video component on top of that can feel even more overwhelming. In this talk, Ashley will walk through the top seven things you should consider for building a live video app, and show you how to create a simple in-browser live stream using React and Mux Video.

Passwordless with Web 3 and React | Luc van Kampen

Ever been curious about passwordless authentication or web3? Ready to throw away your password forever? Join Luc’s talk and learn about the world of web3 authentication and what web3 technology could do for us.

React X Web Components: How it is and how it could be | Dwane Hemmings

In this talk, we’ll go through how Web Components are integrated into current React applications and compare that with a possible future implementation.

The Easiest Way To Get Into Web 3| Erik Hanchett

Let’s take a look at getting into Web 3 with Vue and React and all the possible tools you need to do that with Erik Hanchett.

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