Rust Meetups You Need To See From October, 2021

Take your knowledge in Rust to a whole new level with these educational meetup videos from October 2021. Offering tips and tricks on an advanced level!

Type-Driven API Design| Will Crichton

Get an overview of how you can design APIs easily. Are you ready to design APIs that require a fundamentally different mindset — for example, designing without classes or inheritance? Check this out!

Whoops! I Rewrote it in Rust | Brian Martin

Discover the path of Brian Martin from Twitter who just initially wanted to replace the server’s networking and event loop with a correspondingly fast Rust implementation.

Streaming video analysis using Pravega | Tom Kaitchuck

Curious about how Rust holds up when it needs to develop real world apps? Find out from this case study that explains how you can build a scalable real time video analysis pipeline using Pravega.

Why the Future of the Cloud will be Built on Rust | Oliver Gould

Let Oliver Gould (creator of Linkerd) convinces you with an argument about the future of cloud software and the cloud native ecosystem in this talk.

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