Rust: most sought after meetups in September, 2021

Feeling rusty in Rust, or just wanting to learn a new language? We’re down for it! Let’s see what this month’s most popular videos were, bet you’ll find something useful. From Case studies to GBDT Libraries, you’ve got everything you need to freshen up your knowledge.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Adopting a Secure Programming Language: Rust as a Case Study

Memory safety-related vulnerabilities are often combated by programming languages like Rust. Let’s take a look at the adoption method of this more secure language through the eyes of senior developers who have worked with Rust on their teams or tried to introduce it.

Fuzz Driven Development | Midas Lambrichts

Walk through the process of using cargo fuzz for the sake of building a quick program that can squash. Learn some lessons about the misconceptions you might have at the beginning.

Writing the Fastest GBDT Library in Rust  | Isabella Tromba

Isabella Tromba shares her experience in optimizing a  Rust implementation of the Gradient Boosted Decision Tree machine learning algorithm. Discover a GBDT library that trains faster than similars written in C/C++.

Supercharging Your Code With Five Little-Known Attributes | Jackson Lewis

Attributes enable programmers to auto-derive traits, set up a test suite in no time, and conditionally compile code for particular platforms. Find out how you can leverage its advantages.

Hacking rustc: Contributing to the Compile | Esteban Kuber

Roll your sleeves up and enjoy this walkthrough over the basics of hacking on rustc by Esteban Kuber.

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