The best serverless meetup videos from July 2020

Similarly to this month’s React activity, serverless meetup videos were also rare to find this July. Even still, both Alessandro Minoccheri and Jan Leemans held some interesting talks you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Alessandro Minoccheri: Symfony + AWS Lambda

Serverless services, like AWS Lambda, have been proven useful to solve a wide range of problems, and its use is growing rapidly. Recently, the possibility to use the PHP runtime in Lambda was added, so why not trying to use our favourite framework? How can we make the most from a serverless approach?

Jan Leemans: Cloud native Applications from Development to Production

Running your Cloud Native applications has never been easier! Learn how you can leverage the Application Development services that are available on the Oracle Cloud Platform to get started real fast, and scale up your application to production-grade enterprise workloads with ease.

Learn about Helidon Microservices, Serverless Functions and of course our Managed Kubernetes platform.

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Hey, you! Want to see even more Serverless videos? Check out our roundup from August too!

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