Best serverless meetup videos in June 2020

June wasn’t really full of serverless events, but it didn’t stop the community from releasing a bunch of amazing meetups. As the hype is constantly increasing about the technology, we hope to help you understand why. Below you’ll find some insightful thoughts and ideas about the performance, the potential and the future of serverless too.

Sam Newman: Confusion In The Land Of The Serverless

At MeetupFeed, we do believe that serverless computing is the next big thing. During NDC Copenhagen 2020, Sam Newman answered some questions you’re probably wondering about as well.

Since it’s a relatively new technology, there’s a hint of doubt surrounding its future. Sam will show you when it’s a clever decision to use serverless, what its true capabilities are, and what to expect later on. By the end of this talk, you’ll have a better idea about the big picture, so you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Eric Johnson: Thinking Asynchronously

Speed matters – a lot! And by saving seconds or even milliseconds in any process adds up on the long run.

In his presentation, Eric Johnson explains what thinking asynchronously means and why this pattern should be used. By using the method, he will show you how to improve both reliability and speed, which are among the most important factors of developing. And, to make things crystal clear, his architecture diagrams and even a sample app will help. If you’re looking for a presentation which demonstrates the whole idea behind serverless, well, this is it.

Marcia Villalba: How to migrate an existing application to serverless

During NDC Copenhagen 2020, Marcia Villalba taught us about migrating applications to serverless. Throughout the 55 minutes of the presentation, she showed different approaches and strategies to maximize the capacities, which can make it as helpful as possible.

Migrating applications into serverless is often considered to be one of the most feared nightmares nowadays, and even though it’s an issue that can indeed terrify developers, CTOs and architects alike, it’s far from impossible. Hopefully Marcia’s words will help you overcome these problems.

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