Serverless meetup videos in 2020

2020 was a busy year for Serverless. To summarize the most important milestones and ideas, we’ve spent a few hours to create a yearly roundup for you to stay up to speed. So, fasten your seatbelt, and bring a coffee, because this selection will keep you by your screen!

Sam Newman: Confusion In The Land Of The Serverless

During NDC Copenhagen 2020, Sam Newman answered some questions you’re probably wondering about as well.

Since it’s a relatively new technology, there’s a hint of doubt surrounding its future. Sam will show you when it’s a clever decision to use serverless, what its true capabilities are, and what to expect later on. By the end of this talk, you’ll have a better idea about the big picture, so you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Marcia Villalba: How to migrate an existing application to serverless

During NDC Copenhagen 2020, Marcia Villalba taught us about migrating applications to serverless. Throughout the 55 minutes of the presentation, she showed different approaches and strategies to maximize the capacities.

Migrating applications into serverless is often considered to be one of the most feared nightmares nowadays, and even though it’s an issue that can indeed terrify developers, CTOs and architects alike, it’s far from impossible. Hopefully Marcia’s words will help you overcome these problems.

Visualizing Cloud Systems

Cloud-native systems increasingly integrate services, or functions. Microservices and serverless patterns produce many small parts. See how effective visualization matters in solution design and implementation. Understand emergent visualization by example.

Building Event-driven Applications using Serverless Framework

Serverless applications are usually made up of functions interacting with fully-managed services, so you can develop applications without having to think about servers. This enables us to build applications that scale quickly and reliably based on incoming requests, often in the form of events that go well beyond API requests and scheduled cron job type rules. 

In the event-driven model, the components communicate with events and that helps you adopt some of the best practices for distributed systems by default. In this talk, we’ll explore what events are, the different types of events available to your serverless applications. Also, where they come from and how to utilize them to build applications that can provide more value to your customers. All of this with a lot of architectural pattern examples.

Serverless and microservices | Sam Newman

Microservices and serverless continue to be two of the most hyped terms in the software industry. Sam takes a critical point of view on the hype and suggests that we cut to the heart of what makes them important before we can get the most out of them. Sam is still convinced that serverless technology offers the potential to make teams significantly more productive. 

However, he sees that people are confused about what serverless actually is, and whether or not things like cloud functions mean we no longer need to worry about microservices. Can we pretend that servers no longer exist?

So, what’s happening with Serverless? Check out the latest report from 2020 to gain useful insights. Also, learn about the community’s opinion and practices from State of Serverlesss 2020!

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