Serverless: Champions of meetups in July

July was overloaded with the most crowd-pleasing serverless videos. Take your knowledge to a whole new level with these educational tech meetups. Bury yourself in building apps, infrastructure, persistence and serverless patterns. Until next time!

The Past, Present, and Future| Jeremy Daly

Since the introduction of AWS Lambda in 2014, “serverless” has exploded into a vibrant ecosystem filled with a multitude of frameworks, services, tools, providers, and practices being adopted by startups and enterprises alike. Let’s take a look at the origins and where we are now. Then we’ll explore how companies are leveraging serverless, the evolving tools and processes they’re using to do so, and the emerging architectural patterns that are changing the way we build software.

Building Applications with Infrastructure as Code | Talia Nassi

How do you ensure consistency in your environments? How do you make sure the resources you deploy have the same configurations across different accounts? Infrastructure as code is the answer. In this talk, learn how to develop, debug, and deploy your serverless applications with the command line.

How to Fail at Serverless (Without Even Trying) | Kam Lasater

Serverless is great. Everyone loves it. We’re not always sure serverless loves everyone. Kam wants to share some of the ways he has failed with apps going from local, to deployed, to running with production workloads.

Dealing with Persistence in Applications | Marc Duiker

Serverless means stateless, right? But surely applications need to persist in some state somewhere. What are the right choices for storage solutions that fit a serverless architecture? Join this session to learn about various options in the Azure cloud.

Serverless Patterns Made Simple with Real World Usecases | Sheen Brisalis

Patterns are common in all walks of life. Software architectural patterns are often viewed as complex constructs that are beyond the grasp of many engineers. When mixed with cloud computing and serverless, the perception makes it harder. Textbook-style narratives of serverless patterns often fail to connect with engineers. Sharing a true journey with the community brings authenticity and acts as a great learning platform. In this talk, Sheen will touch upon the experience of working with several applications, associated with a use case that can be easily related to. What better way to equip engineers to be efficient and innovative than sharing the knowledge!

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