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Stuck in your career or just eager to broaden your perspective? We definitely have something you might benefit from. Start from the beginning and build your career step by step with the help of these popular tech talks focusing on tech career development and self-improvement.

When You Think There Is No Time for Learning or Coding | Eleftheria Batsou

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in your career? Are you constantly feeling like you don’t have time to work on your projects? Do you want to learn something new, expand your knowledge, develop yourself and be the best you can be? In this session, Eleftheria is going to share her story on how she started coding, how she makes time to work on side projects and how you can grow and advance in your career. This talk is not only about getting better at your 9 to 5 job but also about developing yourself.

Automate Yourself Out of a Job with Roslyn | Mark Rendle

Roslyn is Microsoft’s “compiler as a platform” for C# and VB.NET. You can use it to read, analyze or modify existing code, or make squigglies in Visual Studio, or even generate and compile entirely new code at runtime. In this talk, Mark introduces you to Roslyn, explains things like Workspaces, SyntaxTrees, SyntaxNodes, and symbols, and shows you some of the fun things you can do with it, both in console applications and as Visual Studio extensions. If you also go to a talk on Machine Learning you will probably be able to create an artificial intelligence to write code for you and take the rest of your life off.

Stop Punching Yourself in the Face | Hannes Lowette

We developers have the tendency to punch ourselves in the face. We do so by making choices about the software we build: architecture, frameworks, libraries, cloud providers, etc. If you’ve been around for a while, you have probably felt the pain of at least a few of those choices. And yet, if we apply simple logic, we might know in advance what might work, and what will hurt us. Want to hear more? Come to this session to learn how to make choices responsibly, with the goal of minimizing the chance that you will regret them later on.

Lending Privilege | Anjuan Simmons

Diversity and inclusion have become hot topics in technology, but you may not know how you can make a difference. However, this talk will help you understand that no matter your background, you have the privilege and can lend it to underrepresented groups in tech. Privilege is access to societal and economic benefits based on characteristics you possess. The most well-understood forms of privilege are birth privileges like racial, gender, and physical privilege, but there are also selected privileges like religion, education, and career. This session will teach attendees how to lend their privilege to their fellow technologists.

From Angular to React, How I Decided To Take The Next Career Step | Kajetan Świątek

There’s a time in every developer’s career when they ask themselves a question: “What’s the next big thing for me?”. A lot of reasons are behind it. We do that to improve our skills, our paychecks, to start doing things that we care about. Recently Kajetan decided to gain a new perspective as a web developer – to learn the next major technology there is. After two years of working in Angular, he decided to switch to React. This talk sums up the reasons behind this change and his opinion about those two web giants six months after the change.

An Introduction To Accessibility & Why A Techy Needs A Personal Brand | Robert Precious & Rachel Skelton & Parul Singh

Robert introduces you to accessibility, defining what the triggers are that start accessibility work at an organization. Then, Rachel follows with why a techy needs a personal brand. As a developer, finding new ways to stand out in a crowd of other devs is becoming more and more necessary. Whether it’s to land a role or leverage your opportunities, building your personal brand is the new CV. Sadly, though there are a lot of myths around personal branding, and how it might be just for extroverts, or those who have a personal brand might seem… stuck up. Join Rachel as she speaks about it.

Emotional Intelligence in Tech | Rosemarie Wilson

Emotional Intelligence is just as important to professional success as technical ability. It can be a comfortable space having your head down modeling or solving complex problems, what about when you need to communicate your solution, how well do you fare? The way we communicate in the ‘Tech Space’ is important and can be critical for the delivery and success of any project. Learn how to do it right from Rosemarie Wilson.

How To Become The Best At Something | Coding Tech

Do you want to become the best at something? Skill stacking is the answer! Watch this video from COding Tech for more details.

Supercharging your Personal Growth Journey | Faiza Yousuf

In this talk, we will be discussing how to set better goals for personal growth, goal-specific decision making, and also forming better habits that support your personal growth journey. It will also include some specific decision-making techniques and patterns, like, Comparison Analysis, Herd Mentality, Sunken Cost, and Action Bias.

Five Programming Skills to Boost Your Resume & Tech Career | Ryan McBeth

These are five skills that will boost your resume which you can learn in roughly two weeks. The skills are the following. SQL- at least learn how to do basic CRUD operations. Know a Clustered and Non-Clustered Index. Know how to do a simple join. Jira- know how to create a sprint, create tickets, and move the ticket through a process. Git – Know how to pull from a repository, clone a repository, and check back into a repository. AWS or Azure – In one or the other, now how to spin up an instance, create a pipeline to that instance, and deploy to that instance. Docker – Know how to deploy, stop and start a container.

The Role of Public Speaking in Tech Career Growth | Sierra OBryan & Zarreen Reza & Jiaqi Liu & Anjali Menon

Learn how to leverage public speaking opportunities to build industry connections and increase your industry profile. This panel will discuss best practices in submitting a CFP to a. event, tips for an engaging presentation, and how to look for opportunities in 2022.

How to Become a Tech Conference Speaker | Brooke Jamieson

This session will cover Brooke’s 2-year journey from having a panic attack before her first conference talk in 2019 through to having now completed 20+ Conference Talks, University Guest Lectures, and Panel Discussions to Australian and International Audiences. This is the talk you don’t want to miss.

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