Top 10 TypeScript meetup videos in 2020

Ever found yourself wondering what happened in the TypeScript scene in 2020? Well, look no further, MeetupFeed’s got your back! Our annual roundup has all the relevant TypeScript meetup videos you might be looking for.

TypeScript + Vue | Jack Koppa

“JavaScript that scales” is the tagline for TypeScript, and it can be a beautiful partner for increasingly complex Vue apps. We’ll discuss how CLI TypeScript Vue projects can increase development speed, decrease onboarding time, type errors, and typos, while encouraging self-documenting & maintainable code. Finally, let’s look at remaining hurdles for Vue’s TS implementation (Vuex, mixins, templates), and how the composition API + Vetur will continue to ease those growing pains.

TypeScript Compiler: Solving problems | Gal Schlezinger

“Here’s a simple coding task,” the interviewer says — “You can use any language you want”. “Any language..?”, I smirked. Little did he know that TypeScript’s type system is Turing complete…

Watch Gal reveal how to solve FizzBuzz in the type system itself, by getting the solution with no runtime code whatsoever!

TypeScript’s type system is very powerful and can express very exciting things. This technical-yet-humorous talk is done almost entirely hands-on, in an editor, inside a .d.ts file. By using a certain amount of generics, recursive types, and conditional types, we code together:

type FizzBuzzNth that resolves into a literal of “Fizz” for multiplications of 3, “Buzz” for multiplications of 5, and “FizzBuzz” for multiplications of 15. Otherwise, resolves into the given N

* A small “test framework” to test that our types work correctly * Logic constructs, such as And and If * Linked lists * …all that, without running our code once — TypeScript’s language server does it for us.

Types in TypeScript | Michael Dickens

TypeScript is a strict superset of JavaScript, which enables static typing, as well as other language constructs coming soon or not planned for JavaScript. Somewhat ironically for such a superset, TypeScript supports a very sophisticated type system. We will look at these types in all their glory, from how to get started, all the way to using them to help you more fully model your domain.

For over 20 years, Michael has helped implement and deliver software solutions. Predominately in the finch sector, he has also experienced the highs and lows of e-commerce, agency and startup. He has a curious and inquiring mind, and as well as dedicated coder has also had roles ranging from agile coach to team lead. Coming from a background in backend systems, and .NET.

Gatsby & TypeScript | GraphQL & TypeScript

Gatsby & TypeScript: Blazingly static 

Sarah is a wonderful polyglot software engineer in our Brisbane scene and has even presented with us before on the advent of TensorFlow JS. Tonight however, Sarah lends her veteran experience into taking us through learning about Gatsby JS – the static site delivery framework based on React. In this particular take, you can have your static sites with static types! TypeScript fans (or just the curious) can see how you can use both Gatsby and TS together to achieve good results.

TypeScript + GraphQL

When building with GraphQL you define the schema up front and this can be really handy go use when it comes to writing the queries, resolvers, etc., especially if it’s in TypeScript. So, how do you go about doing the type generation? We’ll take a look at a tool that can generate you the TypeScript types, then implement our backend using them before looking at how they can plug into the front end with React Hooks. We’ll cap off by learning how to model our storage platform effectively using its own types and combine them with the GraphQL schema types.

TypeScript fundamentals for Web Development | Devendra S Rawat

TypeScript is an open-source, object-oriented language that has become a versatile cross-platform tool for developing modern web applications. Because TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, it can be a natural transition for existing JavaScript developers. Come learn the ABCs of TypeScript and see how it can help overcome common issues in JavaScript development. This workshop recommends you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Types Runtime Validation in TypeScript | Emanuel Suriano

Sometimes using types inside our application it’s not enough to make sure that it won’t break on runtime. Because of that, we see ourselves forced to manually write validation for our entities. In this talk, I want to present a way that you can generate validators for all your types in your application in an automatic way, and how to integrate this into your development workflow.

*Bio:* Emanuel is a Software Engineer part of the UI Architecture team at Omio, based in Berlin. He has been developing applications for 6 years, with a strong focus on React. In his spare time, Emanuel enjoys cooking at home with friends and traveling around the world.

TypeScript types | Craig Spence

Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman have a big problem! They’re creating a new TypeScript library, and they want to give developers who use their library the best possible experience. They know that TypeScript has incredible powers (they’re almost magical!), but they don’t know exactly how to use them to their full potential.

They have so many questions! What is unknown? How is it different from any? How do you use infer? What are conditional types? Unions and Intersections?! It’s almost too much…

Thankfully Elsa, beloved Queen of Arendelle is a TypeScript master, and along with her sister Anna, they love to teach others all about type magic.

Write safer JavaScript Applications with TypeScript | Davy Engone

In 25 minutes, you’ll learn how TypeScript can help you build safer and more resilient JavaScript applications. Expect some demos, some code and a lot of fun!

Advanced TypeScript Definition Patterns | Ethan Arrowood 

Fastify, a fast and low overhead web framework for Node.js, is actively improving its type definitions to provide a better developer experience for Node.js TypeScript developers. The later TypeScript v3 releases and the new v4 updates have provided many great patterns and practices for Fastify’s types. In Fastify’s latest major release (v3) they shipped an overhauled type definition set that utilized advanced patterns such as discriminant unions and function overloading, named generic parameters, generic inference, and declaration merging. Today’s talk by Fastify maintainer, Ethan Arrowood, will give an overview of how they utilized these patterns, plans for the new TypeScript v4.1 template literal types, and more.

Ethan Arrowood is a maintainer for Fastify, and an active open source contributor to Node.js. He is currently employed as a Software Engineer by Microsoft based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. When he is not working, he can most likely be found hiking, skiing, or camping somewhere in the Northeast US.

You might not need advanced TypeScript types | Phoomparin Mano

Have you ever wander into the “Advanced Types” section of the TS handbook, and wonder when on earth you actually need to use those?

In this talk, we’ll be conquering the concepts of advanced types by building a schema builder library that constructs a schema object, and allows users to build “resolver” functions that operates on the output schema type.

Join us on this generics-fueled journey, and make use of concepts like conditional and distributive conditional types, mapped type, newtype patterns and more to build our schema builder.

You’ll get tips on how to use generics as your building blocks when dealing with types, and how to make use of tools to assist you in your journey.

But in the end, do we really need advanced types to build those? Let’s find out in the talk!

Poom is a developer advocate at BRIKL based in Bangkok, Thailand. Poom enjoys building silly apps with React, tinkers with cutting-edge stuff (e.g., Rust and WebAssembly), and customizes his dot-files for fun.

On other days, he runs community projects like The Stupid Hackathon Thailand and Young Creator’s Camp to get Thai developers to keep hacking. Or, he’s just relaxing at an Onsen bath in some corners of Bangkok.

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