Top 5 TypeScript meetup videos from March, 2021

After February’s TypeScript selection, we’re back with more! Check out our latest roundup of exciting dev and meetup videos from the TypeScript community from March below!

Dependency Injection with tsyringe

Learn how to use dependency injection in an application using tsyringe as a dependency injection container.

We will be creating a REST API using NodeJS & Express. We will be doing this using classes in TypeScript. Each of these classes will use dependency injection so we can pass their dependencies into their constructors. We will then use tsyringe as

Latest version features

4.2 is here already!! WHAT!!! Released on February 23, 2021, it came out with a lot of new features and improvements. Moreover, there are a few breaking changes as well that you need to take care of!

Learning TypeScript with Vue.js 3

TypeScript with Vue.js 3 can make you a super productive! I this video I discuss how to set it up, how to create types and interfaces and how to convert from the Options API to the Composition API.

TypeScript for React and Effector

Continuing on we are starting a series on React state management where we take the same To-Do list and implement it using a bunch of different state managers. This time we are looking at MobX!

GraphQL and TypeScript


Building client applications with GraphQL and Apollo Client by Marlon Rodrigues

Faster, Safer, Cleaner: How it can help your React applications scale by George Kemp

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