Best TypeScript videos from September, 2021

Another month gone by, another great collection of TypeScript videos has come! We’ve brought you first-class videos by know-it-all experts. Let’s see what they have in their pocket for you!

Understanding Alias types and tuples 101 | Mughees Ilyas

Take all Alias types into consideration and learn how they differ from interfaces. This video also covers the definition of tuples and what you can do with them.

Designing a library for real-time queries | Simon Knott

Get introduced to RTW, a framework for real-time queries. You can learn about typical considerations and also about design decisions when it comes to library design.

TypeScript pitfalls to avoid for a great Dev Experience | Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar unearths 3 typical mistakes that must be avoided if you wish to create an exceptional developer onboarding experience.

Write Safer JavaScript Applications with TypeScript!  | Davy Engone

Build resilient and safer JavaScript apps with TypeScript through a real-time demo.

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