November Was All About Vue & Vue.JS in 2021

Are you looking for the most awesome Vue.js videos? Well, look no further, we deliver exactly what you need. Here are the best ones from November, and believe us, they are all worth checking out.

Continuous Delivery in VUE using GitLab Feature Flags | Kristian Muñoz

Jump into what continuous delivery and feature flags truly are. Let us guide you through different feature flag types, and the pros and cons of using them. All in all, learn how to reach continuous delivery in Vue, using Gitlab feature flags.

Create A Vue.js 3 Full Stack Application With Amplify, GraphQL, Auth and More | Erik Hanchett

Get ready for Erik Hanchett telling you all the details of how you can create a full stack application including AWS Amplify, Appsync, Lambda, Cognito for Authentication and Authorization and more!

Every New Vue Developer Has Made These Mistakes | Erik Hanchett

No one is perfect and there are mistakes that you can’t avoid at first, as a new developer. These certain mistakes are identified and explained by Erik Hanchett. How can you avoid these mistakes in the first place? He includes props, double brackets, how to use slots and the list goes on.

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